September 17th, 2018


Today, the Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS) marked another milestone in its journey to be a centre of educational excellence in Botswana. The graduation ceremony at Travelodge saw a total of 404 students graduate from different programmes of study offered by the school. The Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA), Ms. Verily Molatedi, graced the ISBS's annual graduation ceremony, along with the Managing Director of BancABC Mr Kgotso Bannalotlhe, representatives of BQA and HRDC, and heads of the industry.  

During the glittering ceremony, ISBS also celebrated its unique recognition having being named amongst the top three private tertiary institutions in Botswana by HRDC and one of the first to be accredited in the new BQA system.  

The graduates received Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates from range of globally recognised programmes such as AAT, Business Management, Finance and Banking, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Management, Marketing Management and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management.  

Giving an interview at the graduation, the Director, Mr. Sharma emphasized that ISBS graduates have a unique professional identity and a set of values and beliefs that will allow them to continue their quest for lifelong learning and distinguish themselves in their chosen paths as the faculties that were offered are globally recognised.  

"Previously we have had many students completing certificates and diploma programmes but this is the first batch to have completed Degree programmes. Since 2003, when the tertiary school was established, we have strived to offer quality education in the country. Graduating annually, young professionals were imparted with the knowledge and skills that are required by the regional and global job market," said Mr. Sharma.  

By choosing ISBS you are guaranteed world-class elite education as ISBS was given the status of the top three private tertiary institutions in Botswana by HRDC. In these tough economic times, education is the strongest weapon against challenging global circumstances," said Mr. Sharma.  

For her part, Ms. Verily Molatedi encouraged graduates to take advantage of the monetary solutions that entities such as LEA, CEDA and MYSC are offering aspiring entrepreneurs as to drive a diversified economy.  

"What you achieved today is a strong accomplishment and it has to be celebrated. I urge that the levels of commitment in achieving your tertiary qualifications should not be forgotten. You will need that zeal as you progress in your career and as you accumulate more career assets for your employability and market value. I urge you that whatever you find your hand to do, do it with all your heart! You need to do something productive from here," said Ms. Verily Molatedi.  

"Employability is about making sure that you diversify your skill set and experience to be relevant not just to one employer but to the industry at large. The battle to enquire knowledge is the drive to a knowledge economy. This is the key to you being enablers in tomorrow's economy. Let's not just settle for this but aim higher," she concluded.  



April 2nd, 2018


Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS) scooped yet another prize and was given the status of "Top 3 Best Private Colleges" by Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) at the recently held 2018 Botswana Human Resource Development Skills Fair and Career Clinic which took place at Boipuso Hall, in Gaborone. It is one thing to be a nominee, another to be a winner. The Institution's commitment to academic and professional excellence is amazing.  

The journey of ISBS started in 2003, and through operational excellence, standards and team-work, ISBS embraced their first award from HRDC for being the "Best Upcoming Institution" on the 27th of March 2015.  

The strategic aspects of ISBS communicated what needed to be done. On the 27th of February 2016, ISBS celebrated and held the graduation ceremony of 269 students. Subsequent to the graduation, ISBS adopted Modipane Primary School through its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.  

In 2017, ISBS was amongst the 1st 3 institutions to be accredited and registered by Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) under the new legislation. In no time, ISBS bagged another prestigious award at the 2018 HRDC Fair, this time in the Best Private College category.  

Thinking of getting a degree, diploma or certificate qualification, think ISBS. Thinking of getting quality education, think ISBS. For ISBS is committed to being the preferred educational institution for life-long learning partnerships through achieving service and academic excellence for the benefit of all their stakeholders.  



October 28th, 2016


Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS), an established Tertiary College, has adopted Modipane Primary School in Kgatleng District. Part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, ISBS has supported and now adopted Modipane Primary School. This is another one of their many CSR initiatives. Modipane Primary School has benefitted even in the past years at their award ceremony, which recognises academic and all round talent of their students; have been sponsored by ISBS. According to the School Head of Modipane Primary School Ms S. Jack, "This initiative has built up confidence and the spirit of competition amongst the students who were previously demotivated. There are many candidates who are now focused on their academic performance and who strive to receive the awards that are bestowed on them, through this public private partnership (PPP) initiative between our school and ISBS."  

The award ceremony held on 28th October 2016, ISBS had sponsored 80 awards, for subjects in each standard (pre-primary to standard 7) including prizes for teachers. Multi-coloured cubes and intelligent games for the pre-primary and primary classes to stimulate analysing capabilities for the future leaders of Botswana. Indoor/outdoor exercise, hard mats for cushioning physical activities for the students of Modipane Primary. And 34 fans for all classrooms to allow students to focus in the rising temperatures. The objective being the overall development of the children. At the ceremony a former student and now the oldest employee of ISBS, Ms Iponeng Pilane was a guest speaker. When questioned on their motivation, the Operations Director for ISBS, Mr Nidheesh Sharma shared, "Our choice of Modipane Primary School is close to our heart. Our longest serving employee, Ms. Iponeng Pilane, has completed her primary education there. When she joined us in our previous franchise, Damelin Botswana in 2003, she was even sponsored for higher education such as Certificate in Office Administration and was awarded the Best ISBS Administration Staff in 2015. She is one of the many employees who have benefitted from our staff development initiatives at ISBS. As a tertiary educational institution, we are direct recipients of students who exit from primary and secondary schools. So as a CSR initiative if we can directly impact the educational environment and influence change at the grassroots level, it will overall impact the vision pillars of an educated and informed nation." concluded Mr Sharma.  

Modipane Primary School will benefit from further ISBS initiatives, support and moreover training to their teachers and facilitators will also be sponsored by ISBS, and this will have a direct response in the level of students that exit from the school. But as ISBS they have numerous other CSR initiatives too. As a group, the ideology has been to give back to the community, so as to benefit the under privileged, the deserving, thus improving lives and creating inroads that will overall develop Botswana, as a nation by decreasing the gap between the under privileged and the ones that who have it all.  

Moshupa Senior Secondary School, Nata Senior Secondary School, Ditshegwane Primary School Letlhakeng, St. Patrick's Mission School, Maranyane Primary School, have also benefitted from ISBS CSR initiatives in the past. Support to SOS Children's Village has been a longstanding partnership. ISBS has sponsored a house that accommodates 8 to 12 children. Their monthly requirements, day-to-day needs are all sponsored by ISBS for the past many years.  

ISBS is committed to being the preferred educational institution for life-long learning partnerships through achieving service and academic excellence for the benefit of all their stake-holders. This is just the beginning.  



February 27th, 2016


Today, the Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS) marked another milestone in its journey to be a centre of educational excellence in Botswana. The graduation ceremony saw a total of 269 students graduate from different programmes of study offered by the Institute.  

Giving a keynotes address at the graduation, Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) Rre Labane Mokgosi standing in for the Assistant Minister Fidelis M. Molao, encouraged students to be proactive as they enter the job market. "You will be told there is limited space but hold fort. Volunteer where you have to, you will have a step in the door. Whenever you are given an opportunity give your best. Research, go beyond the call of duty and be an asset so that your services are needed. Don't be a normal employee. Be a performer," he said.

Mokgosi also emphasized the need for ISBS graduates to capitalise on existing structures such as CEDA and youth business grants. "Master the art of developing business plans that you have learnt here and ensure that you approach available institutions such as CEDA and LEA for further training for business management. CEDA will provide funding whilst LEA will recommend you for funding in event of excellence. In whatever you find your hand to do. Do it with all your heart, this is a biblical principle."   

The Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary highlighted that the economic challenges that prevail demand for a graduate with diverse skills. He commended ISBS leadership for its accredited, dynamic and relevant programmes.   

For his part, ISBS Operations Director Nidheesh Sharma said the Institute aims to produce ready for work graduates who will fill essential skills needs in Botswana. "We have taken on the challenge of skills mismatch in Botswana by producing graduates from programmes that will directly address the human resource deficiency in the economy." Sharma highlighted that the Institute will continue to grow its offering in line with the development of the country.  

ISBS has been in operation for 14 years. They offer a wide range of Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) accredited certificate, diploma and degree and professional programmes in the business, management, finance and science fields.   

"The graduation marks a major milestone in our calendar. We will continue to pay attention to the environment in which we operate in order to provide relevant solutions to the different industries through our programmes," concluded Sharma.   



March 27th, 2015


The star of Imperial School of Business and Science continues to shine brighter and brighter. At the 2015 Botswana Tertiary Education Fair (BTEF) held at Boipuso Hall in Gaborone, ISBS duly scooped the award for the Best Upcoming Institution awarded by HRDC! This is such an honour for the Institute and is truly a testament to the mission of the Institution to being committed towards being the preferred Educational Institution through achieving service and academic excellence for the benefit of all stakeholders.  

From a relatively unknown Damelin South Africa franchise a little over a decade ago, the Institution has continued its growth from strength to strength into a well-blended fully fleshed home grown brand. A major rebranding in the year 2013 has not only resulted in the change of the Institution's name from Damelin Botswana to the Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS), but as evidenced by this award, a complete change in the external perception of the brand that is ISBS by its various stakeholders as well.

The rebranding promised expansion and growth, and a second campus was opened in the city centre. Indeed ISBS now offers a wide range of honours degrees, in areas such as Finance and Banking, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Travel Tourism and Hospitality Management and many more, while also obtaining BQA accreditation to offer full programmes in AAT, BICA, CIMA and CIPS. Significant strides have also been made in the improvement of college infrastructure with more spacious classrooms, well equipped computer labs, improved internet services; library with e-book services as well as more BQA accredited lecturers with respectable industry credentials to deliver the wide range of courses offered by the Institute. With such recognition from one of our main stakeholders, the Institution is truly growing into a real force to reckon with in the local tertiary education industry. ISBS as an Institution promises nothing but continued work of excellence and indeed to be the key to success for all Batswana.  



November 20th, 2013


Gaborone, Botswana: The Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS) which was formerly known as Damelin Botswana, officially unveiled its new brand identity this week. Damelin Botswana changed its name to ISBS last month, as part of Institute’s metamorphosis to become a bigger and better educational Institution and a purely home grown, Botswana brand. The event was held at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC), with the Assistant Minister of Education officiating the event. 

Event was witnessed by Mr Masire (Ex-president), Mr Kwelekgobe (MP Molepolole) including other stakeholders and leaders from the industry.

When making his keynote address, the Minister congratulated the ISBS leadership for steering the Institution in the right direction for 10 years to arrive at this moment.  

“We are all aware that currently, Botswana’s graduates are having trouble securing employment upon graduation in satisfactory numbers. This limited absorption of graduates has raised concerns of quality and relevance of our nations’ tertiary syllabi and training. The national human resource development strategy exists to remedy this challenge, and, this is where the likes of ISBS come in. You are in the fore-front of changing Botswana for the better,” he encouraged.

“I am especially pleased to be here with you to witness this momentous occasion.  ISBS is a home grown brand in the education sector. Your pioneering spirit makes my government proud because you are essentially our partner. It is particularly pleasing to note that you have studied the terrain and now offer skills that will place Botswana among competitive economies with well-trained human resources,” he added.

For his part the Managing Director of the Institution Mr Zaeem Anwar, stated that the Institute would continue to offer a wide range of BOTA accredited and TEC approved programmes in Business, Information Technology and Accounting.

“Along with this rebranding exercise we have entered into collaboration with international Institutes. These partnerships, we believe will be the start of a fruitful relationship through which Batswana learners can reach the echelons of their academic and professional dreams. This new brand ISBS, while rooted firmly in Botswana, offers products of international standards to render our alumni that are marketable throughout the world,” he announced.

Speaking on the new brand identity just unveiled, the Operations Director of the Institution Mr Nidheesh Sharma stated that the new logo, which brandishes a crown, a two toned shield and pair of laurel leaves, should be an inspiration to youth regardless of their background. He further explained that as represented in the logo, education is indeed the shield one can use to attain a better life.



October 10th, 2013


The Institution previously known as Damelin Botswana, announced to the media fraternity this week that it is currently undergoing a rebranding exercise, through which the Institute will be named the Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS). ISBS will continue to offer a wide range of BOTA Accredited and TEC Approved programmes in Business, Science and Accounting. As announced last year, the Institution has achieved yet another milestone by collaborating with recognized international Institutes to start providing degree qualifications by next year.

Speaking at a media briefing in Gaborone recently, the Chairman of ISBS explained that the name change was part of a metamorphosis through which they would grow into a better Institution. “The rebrand essentially means that we will no longer be a franchisee to Damelin South Africa, but will henceforth be a purely home grown, Botswana brand. The management of the Institute will remain the same, and the change will not affect current students who will continue smoothly with their education” said Mr Santosh Kumar Sharma.

ISBS offers business courses in Administration, Accounting, Management, Marketing and Public Relations. Its science offering includes Information Technology. The alliance with recognized and established international partners means that the Institution will be able to tap into those resources to offer credible and resolute qualifications to Batswana.

“Imperial School of Business and Science will be a brand that stands for education excellence and professional opportunity. Our growth strategy is in line with, and supports the government’s position on, localization of businesses. The new brand is rooted in Botswana while our products are of international standards, allow our alumni to be marketable across the world,” added the ISBS Managing Director, Mr Zaeem Anwar.


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