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ISBS endeavours to create an environment in which learners have responsibility for their own learning. All relevant course information must be accessible and all appropriate library and IT Facilities readily available to create conditions for individual learning. To provide opportunities for active learning, the college encourages the use of group and project work, field work, reflective practice, work placements, dissertation writing, real case studies, practical sessions with facilitative demonstrators in class if necessary, and the simulation of employment skills. The interactive learning between teacher and learner is cultivated by ensuring that more attention is afforded on individual basis and classes can be broadly delivered in lecture/tutorial style.

A range of student support and guidance services are available and information on these can be accessed through ISBS Student Support System, student manuals, front desk on visit, website and like other publications as well. This provides a student centred, easily accessible source of information or specialist service. These services compliment support and guidance available through ISBS Faculties.

ISBS Student Support Services ensure:

  • All ISBS students enrolled on the most appropriate programme of study.
  • All ISBS students have successfully completed their programme of study.
  • All ISBS students have the opportunity to engage with personal development planning to develop and enhance their personal, academic and employability skills in an increasingly competitive market with the help of a Personal Tutor, Education Guidance Advisor / Students Supportive Officer / Research Supervisor or other member of staff.
  • All ISBS students have been provided academic, pastoral and developmental support and guidance throughout their studies.
  • All students have been provided the opportunity to contact with their Personal Tutor / EGA / Research Supervisor / SSO whenever they wish to take an overview of module / Research Proposal selections / medical or health related issues / Internship and other extracurricular activities as means of their first contact.
  • All ISBS international students are properly inducted / guided and protected.


ISBS has established a well-structured, effective learner supporting system outlining rules, regulations and grievance procedures that promote harmony and instil good conduct, and respect the rights of individuals to complain and seek redress. The policies and procedures are clearly outlined in the student’s handbook which is provided to the learner at the time of orientation. The on-campus advice, counselling, motivational activities, students wellness day programmes and other related activities are provided with the intention of promoting harmony and good support to ISBS learners. To supplement that harmony of good conduct in ISBS learners, the doors of ISBS student supportive office is open for 12 hours a day to cater support to the learners.

Student Support Facilities

ISBS constitutes different levels of facilities to provide centred support service to the learners in pre-enrolment stage, during and after through ISBS marketing and guidance department, front desk officers, ISBS student support office, SRC, sports co-coordinator, students guidance officer, teaching and non-teaching faculties, library committees, examination council, Academic Board, Advisory Board, ISBS Alumni club and other departments and resources of the college. These facilities support the students in the form of pre‚Äźentry advice and guidance before and during the course of induction, the first few weeks of study, before examinations and re-sits, when progressing from one level to another, and also when the learners encounter particular unfortunate events and challenges during the course of their study.

Computer Laboratories and Library

The students and lecturers have 24 hours access to the Internet and Wi-Fi. They can use the computer laboratories 12 hours a day and have access to the library from 9am to 7pm. The facilities are also available on Saturdays. Furthermore, students can access over 100,000 ISBS e-books from any computer or laptop and thus are not restricted to the library or computer laboratory space.

Sports and Recreational Support

Sporting is very important as it balances the academic and physical strength of students at the Institution. To allow maximum involvement by students at ISBS, the Student Support Services Team (SSST) together with the SRC offer support for various student clubs such as: Football, Chess, Drama, Debating, Poetry, Peer Educators, Scripture Union and ISBS Dance Club. ISBS is also part of the Private Tertiary Institutions Association (PTIA) which allows ISBS students to participate in sporting games throughout the nation held among tertiary Institutions.


  • AIDS Awareness (teAIDS)
  • Athletics
  • Badminton Club
  • Ball Room Dancing
  • Chess Club
  • Debating Club
  • Football Club
  • Netball Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Volleyball Club

Career Advisory Services (Guidance)

To support with readying students for a career with career planning and other personal development programmes. In order to implement these strategies the Institution through the services of the Student Support Officer linked with the Heads of Departments and the Academic and Quality Assurance Manager, create an opportunity on the calendar of events to inform students about how to maximize the employment absorption in the industry. Students are also assisted with individual career planning, career related workshops (preparing for interviews, writing an effective CV, presentation skills etc.), identifying internship / attachment opportunities and job search and placement after graduation.

The Student Support Services Team (SSST) is to ensure that all out-of-classroom support services are provided to students to take care of their social well-being. The Student Support Services Team ensures SRC participation, the staff-student consultative meetings and SRC-Management meetings for building a good working relationship between staff and students.

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