Student Representative Council (SRC)

A Student Representative Council (SRC) represents student interests in the governance of ISBS. The Student Representative Council is an elected body of student leaders whose day to day mandate is to represent the interests of students according to the dictates of the SRC constitution. The SRC is also governed by the ISBS SRC Constitution.

  • The SRC at ISBS is responsible for organizing all student activities with the support of the Students Services Department.
  • The SRC also, working with the Students Services Department, is responsible for coming up with the students activities calendar (SRC events calendar) for each year as well as the implementation programmes tabled in the calendar.
  • Other activities which the SRC organizes include Fresher's Ball, Welcome Bash and Mr. and Miss ISBS, clubs, community development activities, internal sports, Independence celebration, Sponsored walk.
  • SRC is also involved in the Staff-Students Consultative Committee (SSCC) responsible for building a working relationship between staff and students in improving the quality of education at ISBS.


  • The President (Chairperson)
  • The Vice President
  • The General Secretary
  • The Deputy Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Minister of Social Affairs and Entertainment
  • The Minister of Sports and Recreation
  • The Minister of Academic Affairs

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