17 September,2018

Today, the Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS) marked another milestone in its journey to be a centre of educational excellence in Botswana. The graduation ceremony at Travelodge saw a total of 404 students graduate from different programmes of study offered by the school. The Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Institute of Chartered Accountants (BICA), Ms. Verily Molatedi, graced the ISBS's annual graduation ceremony, along with the Managing Director of BancABC Mr Kgotso Bannalotlhe, representatives of BQA and HRDC, and heads of the industry.

During the glittering ceremony, ISBS also celebrated its unique recognition having being named amongst the top three private tertiary institutions in Botswana by HRDC and one of the first to be accredited in the new BQA system.

The graduates received Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates from range of globally recognised programmes such as AAT, Business Management, Finance and Banking, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Management, Marketing Management and Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Giving an interview at the graduation, the Director, Mr. Sharma emphasized that ISBS graduates have a unique professional identity and a set of values and beliefs that will allow them to continue their quest for lifelong learning and distinguish themselves in their chosen paths as the faculties that were offered are globally recognised.

"Previously we have had many students completing certificates and diploma programmes but this is the first batch to have completed Degree programmes. Since 2003, when the tertiary school was established, we have strived to offer quality education in the country. Graduating annually, young professionals were imparted with the knowledge and skills that are required by the regional and global job market," said Mr. Sharma.

By choosing ISBS you are guaranteed world-class elite education as ISBS was given the status of the top three private tertiary institutions in Botswana by HRDC. In these tough economic times, education is the strongest weapon against challenging global circumstances," said Mr. Sharma.

For her part, Ms. Verily Molatedi encouraged graduates to take advantage of the monetary solutions that entities such as LEA, CEDA and MYSC are offering aspiring entrepreneurs as to drive a diversified economy.

"What you achieved today is a strong accomplishment and it has to be celebrated. I urge that the levels of commitment in achieving your tertiary qualifications should not be forgotten. You will need that zeal as you progress in your career and as you accumulate more career assets for your employability and market value. I urge you that whatever you find your hand to do, do it with all your heart! You need to do something productive from here," said Ms. Verily Molatedi.

"Employability is about making sure that you diversify your skill set and experience to be relevant not just to one employer but to the industry at large. The battle to enquire knowledge is the drive to a knowledge economy. This is the key to you being enablers in tomorrow's economy. Let's not just settle for this but aim higher," she concluded.