28 October,2016

Imperial School of Business and Science (ISBS), an established Tertiary College, has adopted Modipane Primary School in Kgatleng District. Part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, ISBS has supported and now adopted Modipane Primary School. This is another one of their many CSR initiatives. Modipane Primary School has benefitted even in the past years at their award ceremony, which recognises academic and all round talent of their students; have been sponsored by ISBS. According to the School Head of Modipane Primary School Ms S. Jack, "This initiative has built up confidence and the spirit of competition amongst the students who were previously demotivated. There are many candidates who are now focused on their academic performance and who strive to receive the awards that are bestowed on them, through this public private partnership (PPP) initiative between our school and ISBS."

The award ceremony held on 28th October 2016, ISBS had sponsored 80 awards, for subjects in each standard (pre-primary to standard 7) including prizes for teachers. Multi-coloured cubes and intelligent games for the pre-primary and primary classes to stimulate analysing capabilities for the future leaders of Botswana. Indoor/outdoor exercise, hard mats for cushioning physical activities for the students of Modipane Primary. And 34 fans for all classrooms to allow students to focus in the rising temperatures. The objective being the overall development of the children. At the ceremony a former student and now the oldest employee of ISBS, Ms Iponeng Pilane was a guest speaker. When questioned on their motivation, the Operations Director for ISBS, Mr Nidheesh Sharma shared, "Our choice of Modipane Primary School is close to our heart. Our longest serving employee, Ms. Iponeng Pilane, has completed her primary education there. When she joined us in our previous franchise, Damelin Botswana in 2003, she was even sponsored for higher education such as Certificate in Office Administration and was awarded the Best ISBS Administration Staff in 2015. She is one of the many employees who have benefitted from our staff development initiatives at ISBS. As a tertiary educational institution, we are direct recipients of students who exit from primary and secondary schools. So as a CSR initiative if we can directly impact the educational environment and influence change at the grassroots level, it will overall impact the vision pillars of an educated and informed nation." concluded Mr Sharma.

Modipane Primary School will benefit from further ISBS initiatives, support and moreover training to their teachers and facilitators will also be sponsored by ISBS, and this will have a direct response in the level of students that exit from the school. But as ISBS they have numerous other CSR initiatives too. As a group, the ideology has been to give back to the community, so as to benefit the under privileged, the deserving, thus improving lives and creating inroads that will overall develop Botswana, as a nation by decreasing the gap between the under privileged and the ones that who have it all.

Moshupa Senior Secondary School, Nata Senior Secondary School, Ditshegwane Primary School Letlhakeng, St. Patrick's Mission School, Maranyane Primary School, have also benefitted from ISBS CSR initiatives in the past. Support to SOS Children's Village has been a longstanding partnership. ISBS has sponsored a house that accommodates 8 to 12 children. Their monthly requirements, day-to-day needs are all sponsored by ISBS for the past many years.

ISBS is committed to being the preferred educational institution for life-long learning partnerships through achieving service and academic excellence for the benefit of all their stake-holders. This is just the beginning.