Our Corporate Social Responsibility

ISBS, since its inception, has been involved with giving back to the society and strongly believes in Shared Value.

Many Non-Government Organisations (NGO's) and disadvantaged communities have benefitted from the magnanimous efforts of ISBS.

Providing support for the past decade, SOS Children's Village has benefitted by ISBS sponsoring a house of the destitute children. From monthly expenses, to day-to-day needs of these children, ISBS has come forth to assist them, so that they live a life of dignity.

Princess Marina Hospital has also been assisted regularly. The Children’s Ward at the hospital was renovated by the efforts of ISBS. The staff and management also spend time with the children at the hospital and give them a reason to smile.

Business Botswana, formerly BOCCIM, has been helped by ISBS sponsoring courses to their members and organisation staff. ISBS has sponsored many of their activities, where encouragement has been given to the upskilling of talented and deserving candidates through many of Business Botswana’s initiatives, to improve the skill force in the working sector.

Maranyane Primary School, St. Patrick’s School, Ditshegwane Primary School, Modipane Primary School, Nata Senior Secondary School, Moshupa Senior Secondary School, Masunga Senior Secondary School and St. Joseph College are some of the many schools that have been aided in various ways to enhance students and teachers performance at the schools. ISBS has undertaken many initiatives to give back to the society, by adopting many schools, sponsoring prize giving functions on the school’s annual days and upskilling the teaching staff of these educational institutions.

Many Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) have been sponsored with educational programmes by ISBS to ensure that the necessary skills are imparted. Other organizations are encouraged to communicate with the marketing and the management team of ISBS, to see how they can partner and benefit from the CSR initiatives, even in the future.

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