International Students

ISBS caters for international students as well apart from the local students. It is the responsibility of the international student to maintain lawful immigration status. The student is responsible for fully and properly complying with all laws and regulations of Botswana. New international students must complete clearance process. Student registering must also be enrolled in full-time programmes.

Once in Botswana, international students cannot change their course enrolments by adding or dropping courses, shortening or extending their enrolment, without potentially jeopardizing their visa status, and therefore should choose their courses carefully. They are also not supposed to change the Institute within Botswana for the period of their study permit once it is obtained under particular Institute and programme.

Immigration rules does not allow visitors on a tourist visa who are coming to Botswana primarily for tourism to take a short course of study. If you are interested and whilst you are in Botswana, proper study permit should be obtained from Immigration Office. ISBS does not provide formal supporting documentation to enable students to acquire a tourist visa. Your acceptance letter to our programmes can serve as proof of initial visit.

Admissions Requirement

All Non-Batswana / International Students, who wish to register at ISBS for any course, need to meet the below requirements. An International student should:

  1. Have a minimum of 36 points at IGCSE or equivalent level with a pass in English and Mathematics or,
  2. Have A-Level or equivalent certification.
  3. Have a Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  4. Have a valid Residence Permit and Study Permit which authorizes the student to reside and study in Botswana for the given duration of the course.
  5. Have a valid Medical Aid.

Documents Required for Admission

  1. Two copies of Passport’s front and back page (certified).
  2. Two copies of all qualification certificates and transcripts (certified).
  3. Two copies of Residence and Study Permits (certified).
  4. Letter from Medical Aid.
  5. 4 Passport-Sized photos.
  6. 6 months Bank Statements (certified by the bank) for the student if the student is self-sponsored. If the student is sponsored by a guardian then 6 months Bank Statements (certified by the bank) of the guardian is required.

Obtaining Study Permit for ISBS

If an International Student does not have a Study Permit and needs to apply for a Study Permit to enrol at ISBS then ISBS can provide certain documents which are needed for immigration purposes. However, ISBS does not apply for any permits on behalf of the students as all International Students are expected to obtain the necessary permits in their own capacity before the commencement of the courses. In order for ISBS to provide certain documents to an International Student for immigration purposes, the student is expected to pay at least 6 months tuition fees in advance. The payment of the 6 months tuition fees is non-refundable once all the necessary documents are given to the student from ISBS regardless of the outcome of the permits application. Once the students have obtained the necessary permits, they are required to submit certified copies to ISBS Administration and only then will be allowed to study at ISBS.

Health Insurance

Student is required to maintain health insurance for the duration of his or her stay in Botswana. Either they themselves or their sponsors are responsible for the medical expenses.

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